Our Practice

Keylon Eyecare is an eye care specialty office located at 902 West Madison Avenue in Athens, TN. We have highly trained staff members & doctors ready & available to help you with your eyecare needs.

It is our vision to offer the most complete eye care available. We will utilize the most advanced technology and superior personal care to achieve the desired result. The staff is dedicated to a team work approach to ensure that the patient is the winner. Our reputation is built upon happy patients and eye care quality that is unmatched. We promise to stay up to date on all of the newest technological advances in ocular health care, spectacle lenses, spectacle frames, and contact lenses.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Emergency Care available 24 hours a day. Eye problems don’t always occur conveniently during office hours. We are simply a phone call away.

 To Schedule an Appointment

Call us today at 423.745.8882 or email info@keyloneyecare.com & we will be glad to schedule your next eye exam.